About Us

Vertex Medical Solutions was started with a vision of becoming the leader in online anesthesia management software. Practice inefficiencies, billing challenges, and new federal requirements have made practice management more demanding than ever before. The need for a system that streamlines the entire process from on-call schedule production, daily scheduling, and billing submission has become a necessity.

Vertex Medical Solutions has developed that software. Vertex Online Scheduling and Submission software (V.O.S.S.) allows a practice to increase their overall efficiency. We have developed a complex call schedule generator that is coupled to an online calendar where physicians have the ability to directly input their own call and vacation requests. Secondly, we have constructed an online scheduling system that allows your practice to actively manage the schedule every moment of the day regardless of location. Finally, the online submission software will reconcile with the scheduling component to help eliminate dropped bills. The submission process also assures complete compliance with all federally required data and allows each practice to track their own data inside the practice from on-time starts to clinical quality indicators. With this tool at your disposal your practice can dedicate more time to practice growth and improvement and spend less time chasing lost charges or scheduling errors. We are continually looking for more ways to streamline and simplify anesthesia practice management for practices from 1 to 500 members.

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